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Happy New Year!

2015 was a great year. The KeyFrames recorded, released and toured our first vinyl EP, ‘Monophone Heart’. I’m very proud of how it turned out with the help of the talented Derek Downham and John Critchley. This past year was also great in terms of solo performances. My first Sunday of the month residency at The Only Café has completed it’s first full trip around the sun and grown with the help of special guest performers these last few months. Thanks to Sarah Factor, Jerry Leger, Oxford Blue, and Shawn William Clarke for lending their talents so far. I’m excited to grow this monthly musical evening over the coming year with more musical friends. I’m also thankful for the diverse venues I’ve been able to play in 2015, from the Leslieville and Withrow Farmer’s Markets, The winter village at the Brickworks, The Holy Oak, The Cameron House, and Life Drawing sessions at the Jam Factory. Thanks to everyone who came to these shows and to the people who booked me and collaborated with me, to new friends and old, Happy New Year and continued growth and success in 2016!
Unplugged at Hub14


From Halifax to Hogtown

I recently returned from a ten day tour to Halifax and back with the Keyframes after we released our new 10′ vinyl EP, Monophone Heart at the Junction City Music Hall. From there we hit Orillia, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Rivière-du-Loup, Miramichi, Halifax, St. John, St. Andrew’s, Moncton, and Quebec City. The road is always exhausting and rewarding at the same time. To everyone that came to a show, shared a stage, gave us a meal or a place to crash, or just took the time to say hello after a gig, thank you. You made the experience of pursuing something I love that much more worthwhile. As the remainder of the summer rolls on, I’m excited to be back home and preparing for a number of hometown solo gigs and trading in hours on the highway for shorter commutes by bike.

Me and Caroline or An Anthology of Lovers Passed

My talented partner in crime, Ximena Huizi, has written a play based on some of my songs. Our first public performance of a scene from the play at the Living Room Series was a success. Keep an eye out in the coming months for future performances and news.

“Me and Caroline. or An Anthology of Lovers Passed” is a ‘one woman show’ meets ‘indie concert’ exploring the realities of what it is to be a woman in the contemporary dating world.

In the story, we meet Liam; an independent singer/song writer jamming in his small, Toronto apartment, while he waits for Caroline, his girlfriend, to arrive for dinner. His songs, without his awareness, evoke the tales of his former loves. While he sings about them, these women (all played by the same actress) talk freely and directly to the audience, in a series of monologues about their relationships to Liam.

Based on the true to life relationship of Brian Passmore (the singer songwriter playing Liam) and Ximena Huizi (the playwright and actress). The Show features a selection of songs written by Passmore spanning his career, from which Huizi, as any playwright-girlfriend would do, has imagined and created Liam’s ex-girlfriends and given them the freedom to speak un-apologetically, in a way that we rarely get to hear women speak about their roles in relationships. Bringing all of this together through comedy, poetry, storytelling and beautiful music, “Me and Caroline or An Anthology of Lovers Passed” will take the audience in a journey through the uncharted world of relationships and how women navigate sex, love, dating and life in general.

High School Villain

Here’s the first film/musical project from the beginning of 2015. Thanks to Ximena Huizi for the camera work and direction.

Ghost Town Lullaby

A few months ago, before the wonderful summer weather rolled into Toronto the lake at Cherry Beach was frozen solid. Here’s a video of me trying to play through a new song before my fingers froze up too! Thanks to friend, Michael Galita for the great camera work.

100 Years of History EP

The final mixes are in with the help of friend, Matt Bailey, who I recorded four songs with at the Gas Station studio on Toronto Island back in January. I’ll be releasing them over the summer as well as playing a couple of gigs around Toronto for any interested ears. More details in the near future. For now here’s a rough cut of one of the tunes, The Rabbit and the Dog, set to some moving images.

Plan B and Montréal

We’ve been busy the last couple of days and have travelled from Halifax to Montréal. There’s lots to write about but in the interest of brevity here are some of my highlights from the last two days: Donair pizza and Peggy’s cove, Jesse Brown, the hospitality of the staff at Plan B, in Moncton, the hammock I slept in, reconnecting with friends, the framed glamour shots of old country and bluegrass bands on the wall of Jean’s diner, the Stogies, Tim Horton’s, the great sounding room and the delicious BBQ wrap at Café Cagibi, Pamela, the Salten Sea, and the view from our host’s window tonight in Montréal.




For every Haligonian that didn’t come to the show at Gus’ Pub last night, a million drops of rain fell…Or, maybe it was the crazy rain that kept the crowds at bay. We still had fun and reconnected with our east coast friend Dave Bradshaw. Our other friend ‘Dangerous Dave’ whom we met in Saskatoon last summer also came out and we wound up back at his place jamming until the wee hours of the morning. With a free day in Halifax today we drove out to Peggy’s cove and got a slice of donair pizza into us at ‘pizza corner’ before hitting the road to Plan B in Moncton.


St. John’s

The flight from Toronto’s island airport went smoothly to Halifax where I met up with Rob before our final hop over the water to Newfoundland. We rented a car and drove out to Cape Spear and gazed off the edge of the earth in the cold wind. After playing CBTG’s last night we have now successfully played in every Canadian province, plus one territory in the last six months. The staff and other bands were great hosts and we played late into the night with everything culminating in a jam with the opening band. Thanks to Bob for providing us a place to crash for the night. After some lobster eggs benny we are back on our way to play Gus’ Pub in Halifax tonight.


On the Road Again

It’s been a long cold winter mostly spent under the radar or fulfilling my duties as chief guitar player for the Keyframes. Back in January, I managed to get a few new songs in the can out at the Gas station studio with the help of the talented Matt Bailey. I’m excited to share these with any interested ears this coming spring. But today, I’m writing to draw your attention to some upcoming shows east of T.O. with fellow Keyframe Rob Webster. In the coming week we’ll be hitting St. John’s, Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, and Kingston, playing a mix of our solo tunes and Keyframes classics. If you happen to be in any of these towns on the dates posted to your right please come by and say hello. It’s the people you meet on the road that makes a long journey worth while.

Stay tuned for pics and updates along the way.



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