Brian Passmore

St. John’s

The flight from Toronto’s island airport went smoothly to Halifax where I met up with Rob before our final hop over the water to Newfoundland. We rented a car and drove out to Cape Spear and gazed off the edge of the earth in the cold wind. After playing CBTG’s last night we have now successfully played in every Canadian province, plus one territory in the last six months. The staff and other bands were great hosts and we played late into the night with everything culminating in a jam with the opening band. Thanks to Bob for providing us a place to crash for the night. After some lobster eggs benny we are back on our way to play Gus’ Pub in Halifax tonight.


On the Road Again

It’s been a long cold winter mostly spent under the radar or fulfilling my duties as chief guitar player for the Keyframes. Back in January, I managed to get a few new songs in the can out at the Gas station studio with the help of the talented Matt Bailey. I’m excited to share these with any interested ears this coming spring. But today, I’m writing to draw your attention to some upcoming shows east of T.O. with fellow Keyframe Rob Webster. In the coming week we’ll be hitting St. John’s, Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, and Kingston, playing a mix of our solo tunes and Keyframes classics. If you happen to be in any of these towns on the dates posted to your right please come by and say hello. It’s the people you meet on the road that makes a long journey worth while.

Stay tuned for pics and updates along the way.



Unrecorded Spirits and Pics From Photo Shoots Past

Just a quick post to direct some attention towards the work of a talented, long time friend and collaborator, Fotis Kanteres. These are some press shots from a couple of years back. Currently, I’m helping him score a documentary he is filming called Unrecorded Spirits: Life in Mayan Guatemala. It’s an interesting and worth while project that I’m excited to be a part of so please take the time to check it out.


Sneaky Christmas Music


From the Apollo in Thunder Bay we headed along the shores of lake Superior once more to Sault Ste Marie. We camped out at the same campground where we had spent our very first night of the tour. It was a nice way to bookend the trip. Until this tour, I had never really travelled by car so extensively. It was a great experience. Seeing so much of the country has given me a new appreciation and understanding of Canada. Just getting a sense of how big this country is has in a strange way made it feel smaller. I don’t think going to Kingston will ever feel like a long drive again. One of the things I love about travelling to new places is the constant flow of new experiences. It has a way of slowing down time while it’s happening and at the same time, once it’s over it seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye.

The people along the way were wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came to the shows, gave us a meal or a place to sleep for the night, to old friends and new friends who made the trip the amazing experience it was.

Finally, thank you to my travelling companion and band mate Rob Webster. I came up with the idea to drive to Dawson City and across Canada last winter and he was the one who made it happen. His tireless work of booking shows, planning routes and drive times, and finding places to eat or crash for the night made things go off without a hitch. All the while he restrained from punching me in the mouth for 14,000Km of my clueless questions: Where are we? What highway is this again? How do you spell the name of that lake we camped at last night? What time are we playing tonight? When do we have to get up tomorrow? And on and on and on. It’s been a blast.

Thanks for reading,


The Apollo

It was a pleasure returning to the Apollo to end our tour away from home where it started.

Two more days of driving and we’ll be back in Toronto.


Winnipeg Part Two

Sometimes a city is just a place to stop for the night and recharge. That’s what Winnipeg has been to me the second time passing through. I feel as though I’m coming down with my second cold of the trip so I just ended up sleeping at the hotel as soon as we arrived. I’ve included a pic of the view from the hotel window. They can’t all be awe inspiring. It would have been nice to check out the city a bit, but I’m definitely not regretting the 10 hours of sleep I got. The drive from Saskatoon was a long one and I’ve seen all the prairie landscape I need to see for a while. The final gig is back in Thunder Bay tonight and I’m excited for it. It was our first gig outside of Toronto on our way out and I feel our performances as a duo have improved quite a bit since then.


Saskatoon Part Two

Last night we returned to play Saskatoon two weeks after we initially passed through on our way up to Dawson City. Upon our arrival we headed over to the radio station and played a couple of songs on the air and did a short interview. We’ve felt right at home here and had one of our best shows of the tour at Lydia’s. The gremlins in my amp seem to still be hanging around and I had to borrow the house amp for the show. I’m hoping it will manage to get through the last couple of gigs in Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. Today will be another long drive as we pass through another time zone. I’m getting excited to be back home as we creep further east. It’s been an amazing trip so far and I’m looking forward to what the last three nights have in store.



Our originally scheduled gig in Cowtown got cancelled but the booker was good enough to put us on another bill at the Ship and Anchor with three great bands. It was a cool bar with a fantastic sound guy. I caught up with an old friend that I met six years ago while travelling in London. She was a big part of us even being able to book a gig in Calgary. Thanks Shandi! This marks the last destination that is new to us on our tour. Tomorrow we hit Saskatoon, which we passed through on our way out west. The difference will be that we’re playing a show at Lydia’s this time through. I’m looking forward to it. And what would a post about this tour be without mentioning the drive. Golden to Calgary was an easy three hours or so. We stopped at lake Moraine in Banff National park and the mountain scenery was some of the best we’ve seen all tour.


Golden BC

Most of today was spent in the car. We’re now officially headed back towards Toronto since we left Vancouver this morning. We stopped in Kamloops to restock the cooler and made it as far as Golden before we decided to stop at a hostel for the night due to low light and rainy weather. In Sicamous the trip odometer reset to 0 when we reached the 10,000 kilometer mark of our trip.


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