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The Power of youth

The Power of youth

There is no power like the power of youth since the power of earlier days d (more…)

Eastern Tour, July 18th, 2012.

The day started in scenic Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. We ate a great smoked meat pizza for lunch before checking out the shores of the St. Lawrence river. We then headed down the road to Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec to play Le Zaricot. The show was well received by a great audience. Near the end of the night we were offered some extra cash by some new fans to play a couple of acoustic songs in their apartment next door. After the intimate performance we hit the road back to Montreal to sleep for the night.

Highlight: The wonderful staff at Le Zaricot that ensured our second visit in as many summers was one of our best stops on tour.

Pictured below is an ice cream stand in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. Just because.


Eastern Tour, July 17th, 2012.

Today I was almost killed by the biggest axe in all of Canada! I’m alright though, we all arrived safely from our six hour drive from Moncton, NB to Rivière-Du-Loup, Quebec. It was a scenic, rainy, but enjoyable drive.

We stopped for lunch at Nackawic, NB the site of the giant axe.


Eastern Tour, July 16th, 2012.

Ryan and I watched the sunrise from the beach of the Northumberland strait before catching a few hours of sleep back at the farmhouse. Today was more or less a day off in Port Elgin where we were treated to a wonderful home made breakfast with relatives before heading down to the beach and jumping in the ocean for a dip. The tide was out which made for a bit of walk to get to water deep enough to completely dive in.

After some much needed downtime we drove to Plan B in Moncton where we played an energetic show to an equally energetic crowd. The staff at Plan B were extremely gracious hosts which has made Moncton one of our favourite stops on the tour so far.

Highlight: A mud fight with some locals after the show wrapped up down by the banks of the Chocolate River. Special thanks to Joelle and Karlie for the use of their washer, dryer and shower after the mud slinging.

Eastern Tour, July 15th, 2012.

Today was another busy day with an afternoon gig and an evening gig. In the afternoon I had the pleasure of playing barefoot in the grass of Centennial Park next to the river in Port Elgin, New Brunswick.

After buying some liquor at the gas station across the street we headed for the farmhouse of Ryan’s family where we will enjoy some brief time off and celebrate passing the halfway point of the tour.

Joining us today was the very talented fiddle player David Bradshaw. He played with us in Port Elgin as well as Charlottetown PEI in the evening at Baba’s Lounge. The venue was great and the Sunday crowd, although a small one was very attentive.

Highlight: Heading back to the farmhouse after the gig and watching a huge lightning storm many miles north of us.


Eastern Tour, July 14th, 2012.

Today started early under the grey skies of Edmundston, New Brunswick as we hit the road for Halifax. Seven hours later we pulled up to Obsolete Records where we did an in store performance of our new album from start to finish. We’ve been staying with bass player Ryan Higgins’ parents and had the luxury of taking a swim in their pool where I got the opportunity to rock my new euro swimmers that I picked up in Quebec City the day before.

In the evening, we played to an appreciative crowd at a brewpub called Rock Bottom. Highlight: Barbarically tearing apart my first ever lobster for dinner.


Eastern Tour, July 13th, 2012.

The day started off with a chocolatine in a café in Quebec City and then accompanying my friend Rob to see a doctor and playing translator when necessary. Everything is alright as you can see in the picture above, taken later that evening in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

Highlight: The parents of the sound engineer at Café D’La Vieille Forge run a very comfortable hotel. We will sleep well tonight after losing an hour crossing into the Atlantic time zone.

Tomorrow we head to Halifax for an in store performance at Obsolete Records before playing in town later that night.


Eastern Tour, July 12, 2012.

Day two has been a success. It was tricky finding a parking spot for the van/trailer on the steep and narrow streets of Quebec City but we found one. Le Fou Bar was a smaller venue than the one we played in Montreal last night. What it lacked in size it made up for in charm. The owner, Lilly has graciously put us up in her apartment above the bar. We have dubbed her the ‘Female Ronnie Hawkins’ for her outgoing nature and hilarious sense of humour. Our set was early in the evening so it wouldn’t conflict with an Aerosmith concert and the summer festival activities taking place. This meant being done early and having a chance to enjoy the city’s night life.

Tomorrow we’ll buy a large paper bag of croissants and make our way into New Brunswick. I’ll miss hearing the Quebecois french accent but look forward to hearing the New Brunswick french accent.

À la prochaîne,


Eastern Tour, July 11th, 2012.

The tour with the Keyframes has kicked off to a good start in Montreal with the Jimmyriggers. We flew east on the trans canada and made great time from Toronto. The weather is wonderful in old Montreal. Tomorrow we head for Quebec City. Highlight: having Schwartz’s smoked meat for dinner after soundcheck.

Bon Soir,


New Videos and Upcoming Tours

The last few months have been busy. I’ve finally gotten around to posting two videos I made in my absence from this site. One with the help of my friend Mike at Soundbox productions and the other I shot at home. The latter features an instrumental song I wrote and recorded called ‘Late August’. The other is a cover of one of my favourite Springsteen songs. They can both be found in the video section.

In other news, two days from now I’ll be headed east with my telecaster and the KeyFrames on a 9 day tour of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes to promote our new album ‘Low Light High Light’. Details can be found here:
Immediately upon our return I’ll be playing some of my original songs and some KeyFrames’ songs with Rob Webster at the Withrow Park Farmer’s Market at noon on Saturday, July 21st. This will be our first show as a duo before we embark on a three week tour to the Yukon and Western Canada in August. More details on that in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading,


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