Brian Passmore

Dawson City

The idea of driving to Dawson City got into my head sometime last winter. It was that idea that served as the catalyst for this entire northwestern tour. We spent the last two days there and it has been our favourite stop on the tour so far. The staff at the Midnight Sun Hotel played a big part in our experience being such a great one.

We caught the tail end of the discovery days long weekend and played the hotel lounge on Sunday and then hosted the open jam on Monday night. We caught the live show at Gertie’s casino and took full advantage of having a day off that didn’t involve a long drive to a new destination.

Even after a couple of days I can see how Dawson’s picturesque beauty and charm seduces so many people to travel that far north into the wilderness.

We’re back in Whitehorse now, doing laundry and figuring out where to stay for the night before heading back into BC tomorrow.


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