Brian Passmore

Lake Kinaskan and Highway 37

Since leaving Dawson it’s been two days of working our way south towards our next gig in Kamloops on Friday. We camped out for a night in Whitehorse and then decided to take highway 37 instead of the Alaska highway, which is the only other way to get in or out of Yukon, as far as I know. It started out with a few kilometres of burned out forest and slowly grew into spectacular mountain views. We stopped for a night and camped on the shores of Kinaskan Lake. The weather was good and we managed a couple of beers and acoustic songs by the campfire before turning in. It started to rain overnight and continued pretty steadily through the day. We ended today’s journey in Prince George at a motel with gross chinese food and old bugs bunny cartoons on the television. Highlights from the drive included seeing a black bear by the side of the highway. We also changed the oil in a town called Smithers and got some gas at Burns Lake, which led to some Simpsons quotes in the car.


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