Brian Passmore

Winnipeg Part Two

Sometimes a city is just a place to stop for the night and recharge. That’s what Winnipeg has been to me the second time passing through. I feel as though I’m coming down with my second cold of the trip so I just ended up sleeping at the hotel as soon as we arrived. I’ve included a pic of the view from the hotel window. They can’t all be awe inspiring. It would have been nice to check out the city a bit, but I’m definitely not regretting the 10 hours of sleep I got. The drive from Saskatoon was a long one and I’ve seen all the prairie landscape I need to see for a while. The final gig is back in Thunder Bay tonight and I’m excited for it. It was our first gig outside of Toronto on our way out and I feel our performances as a duo have improved quite a bit since then.


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