Brian Passmore

Me and Caroline or An Anthology of Lovers Passed

My talented partner in crime, Ximena Huizi, has written a play based on some of my songs. Our first public performance of a scene from the play at the Living Room Series was a success. Keep an eye out in the coming months for future performances and news.

“Me and Caroline. or An Anthology of Lovers Passed” is a ‘one woman show’ meets ‘indie concert’ exploring the realities of what it is to be a woman in the contemporary dating world.

In the story, we meet Liam; an independent singer/song writer jamming in his small, Toronto apartment, while he waits for Caroline, his girlfriend, to arrive for dinner. His songs, without his awareness, evoke the tales of his former loves. While he sings about them, these women (all played by the same actress) talk freely and directly to the audience, in a series of monologues about their relationships to Liam.

Based on the true to life relationship of Brian Passmore (the singer songwriter playing Liam) and Ximena Huizi (the playwright and actress). The Show features a selection of songs written by Passmore spanning his career, from which Huizi, as any playwright-girlfriend would do, has imagined and created Liam’s ex-girlfriends and given them the freedom to speak un-apologetically, in a way that we rarely get to hear women speak about their roles in relationships. Bringing all of this together through comedy, poetry, storytelling and beautiful music, “Me and Caroline or An Anthology of Lovers Passed” will take the audience in a journey through the uncharted world of relationships and how women navigate sex, love, dating and life in general.

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